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Raven SR40A5 OD

Raven SR40A5 OD
Raven SR40A5 OD
  • Model: RAV-BOLT-SR40A5-OD
  • Weight: 5.00kg

The Bolt Series of sniper rifles are precisely made with high-quality materials. We have chosen steel as the material of choice for the main mechanical components of our rifles to improve durability and reliability. The steel trigger system ensures our rifles will endure the abuse of the battlefield.

The SR40A5 is a popular platform among enthusiasts. The operator can adjust the cheek riser and buttstock pads to tailor-fit to his/her sniping position. QD sling attachment points are located on the forend and the stock of the rifle and additional 20mm rail sections are provided for more accessory mounting options.

Outer Barrel Full Metal
Receiver/Body Full Metal
Stock Nylon Filled Polymer
Power Source Spring Bolt Action
Trigger System Steel Trigger System

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